Resource details: Domain name astrosmash6.ano (previous version)

Resource nameDomain name astrosmash6.ano
Resource label04617374726f736d617368362e616e6f
Resource size319 bytes
Owner keyf88b678481c5e4c1b3796e7cef66bfaacee2b537804a12d2aa597ee7f0997587
Serial number1416176349 (2014-11-16 22:19:09)
Ownership transferany
Transfer chainThis resource has embedded transfer history data (122 bytes)
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StatusExpired, Transferable
Owner nameastrosmash
Import sourceresdb
DNS servers1 servers

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Transfer chain

This resource contains embedded transfer history data.

Resource labelOwner keySerial numberData
Domain name astrosmash6.anof88b678481c5e4c1b3796e7cef66bfaacee2b537804a12d2aa597ee7f09975871416176349 (2014-11-16 22:19:09)transfer to any