Resource details: AS number 4242420004

Resource nameAS number 4242420004
Resource label03fcde3124
Resource size629 bytes
Owner keycb2d7f722703b9431399954e31dcced81a975ecb8224d939ec9e8ceccabd012f
Serial number1518602434 (2018-02-14 10:00:34)
Ownership transferany
Transfer chainThis resource has embedded transfer history data (112 bytes)
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StatusExpired, Transferable
Owner nameMWHEELER-DN42
DescriptionMWHEELER Systems
Import sourcedn42

Transfer chain

This resource contains embedded transfer history data.

Resource labelOwner keySerial numberData
AS number 4242420004cb2d7f722703b9431399954e31dcced81a975ecb8224d939ec9e8ceccabd012f1518602434 (2018-02-14 10:00:34)transfer to any

Other data

array (
  'name' => 'AS4242420004',
  'aut-num' => 
  array (
    'aut-num' => 'AS4242420004',
    'as-name' => 'MWHEELER-AS',
    'descr' => 'MWHEELER Systems',
    'admin-c' => 'MWHEELER-DN42',
    'tech-c' => 'MWHEELER-DN42',
    'mnt-by' => 'MWHEELER-MNT',
    'remarks' => 'Feel free to contact for peering requests',
    'source' => 'DN42',