Resource details: IPv4 network

Resource nameIPv4 network
Resource label01ac14eee01b
Resource size664 bytes
Owner keycb2d7f722703b9431399954e31dcced81a975ecb8224d939ec9e8ceccabd012f
Serial number1475618411 (2016-10-04 22:00:11)
Ownership transferany
Transfer chainThis resource has embedded transfer history data (113 bytes)
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StatusExpired, Transferable
Owner nameDHE-DN42
DescriptionZA Nodes Will be split into two /28's
Import sourcedn42

Transfer chain

This resource contains embedded transfer history data.

Resource labelOwner keySerial numberData
IPv4 network (2016-10-04 22:00:11)transfer to any

Other data

array (
  'name' => '',
  'inetnum' => 
  array (
    'inetnum' => '',
    'netname' => 'DHE-ZA',
    'descr' => 'ZA Nodes Will be split into two /28\'s',
    'country' => 'ZA',
    'admin-c' => 'DHE-DN42',
    'tech-c' => 'DHE-DN42',
    'mnt-by' => 'DHE-MNT',
    'status' => 'ALLOCATED',
    'bgp-status' => 'inactive 1475611202',
  'route' => 
  array (