Welcome to the MARC pages. MARC (Magic Anonet Resource Claims, sometimes refered to as just ARC) is a new system designed to reliably manage resource claims on Anonet, including decentralised and fully automatic distribution, synchronization and authentication. This is just a single server using the MARC system to help in distribution and to provide a look into the database. You can find a lot more information about MARC on the official specification. This website is brought to you by UCIS.ano.

Who uses MARC?

I do! I also import claims from the legacy git based resdb into MARC to provide a complete view of anonet.

You can use MARC directly too, if you want to sign your own resource claims, or just want to look into the database for whatever reason. MARC will give you a reliable way to programatically access resource data, making it an excellent source for your own analysis, synchronization or management scripts. If you've found the scripts already, you can run a HTTP synchronization with http://marc.ucis.ano/.

How to use MARC?